Copyright policy

Regulations on article copyright


  • Copyright articles on belong to the author and website [Top Share], under which:
  • See more about the Handling Mechanism of Violation for Top Authors. [Top Share]


Author's rights to his articles:

  • Name the article
  • Real name or pseudonym on the article
  • To have his / her real name or pseudonym given when the work is published or used
  • To share his articles on to the community
  • Protect the integrity of the work, prevent others from modifying, mutilating or otherwise distorting the work in any way that would damage the author's honor and reputation.


Website rights to articles:

  • Making derivative works (such as translating into foreign languages, converting articles into videos, ...)
  • Publish on other mobile apps.
  • Performing work in public;
  • Copy work;
  • Distributing or importing originals or copies of articles;
  • Communicating articles to the public by wire, wireless, electronic information network or any other technical means;
  • Rent out the original or copy of the article. Used for business and commercial purposes.


Regulations on sharing articles by


  • You are not allowed to use the content on for any business, commercial or just internal circulation for businesses, stores.
  • When reposting articles on another site, or citing part / all of the article, you must obtain the permission of and must specify the source from Top.trangdangtin. com (and link to the original post on the page)
  • The reposting party may not change the original without the consent of and the author of the original article.


Copyright of logo / image


  • Logo and web interface are 100% copyright of
  • And the avatar and illustrations in the article are collected by CTV from many sources, most of which are free. If there is any image that is your copyright, not allowed to use just contact us to remove it within 48 hours.
  • always respects copyright and is willing to cooperate and handle all violations with parties to create internet culture.


Regulations on handling when detecting piracy of


  • If we find that our products are pirated, we will notify the infringing party for handling. If we do not receive a response or receive a response but do not process it within 48 hours, we will take strong measures to protect the copyright of our product as follows:
  • We will report you to Google about copyright infringement. This can blacklist your website / blog / youtube channel, even terminate the service if the violation is serious.
  • Apply provisions of intellectual property law, civil law, relevant regulations to protect copyright for works. We will sue to the end if the violation is serious.
  • Using technical and computer science methods to combat such piracy.

Some of our misconceptions about copyright and copyright laws

  • If there is no copyright caption, then there is no copyright.
  • If you write articles on the Internet, don't complain about copyrights.
  • Anything on the internet is free.
  • The author can do nothing to me.
  • Struggling to regain copyright is time consuming, troublesome and laborious.
  • Only major companies have copyrights.
  • It takes a lawyer or the law to intervene.
  • I am not afraid because the author is a foreigner, I am in Vietnam.
  • Although I copy it, but I do it for non-commercial and sharing purposes.
  • I don't know about this law, so I'm innocent.
  • Although I don't ask permission from the author, I have to link to the original article and specify the source.