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    Top 13 boldest 18+ Korean movies in Asia

    The 18+ rating is an essential component of any cinema in the world.Although not a prerequisite...

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      Top 12 must-watch Thailand romantic dramas with badass & rich lead male

      Thai romantic series, with badass & rich lead male are no longer a new topic to dramaholics....

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        Top 10 saddest heartbreaking Chinese dramas

        Chinese dramas are always irresistibly attractive and fascinating because of the scenes,...

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          Top 16 best Korean movies about adultery that you can't help but watch

          Korean films with the theme of adultery always give viewers many valuable lessons about marriage...

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            Top 10 marry first love later Chinese dramas

            Marriage is not always the end of love. Sometimes it is the beginning for love to blossom. There...

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