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    Top 10 best resort towns and cities in Europe suitable for healing

    Since ancient times, doctors often advise patients with sick bodies to go on vacation to a place...

    by cookie 01-07-2023

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      Top 10 attractive good josei anime that attract attention from the female audience

      Anime josei or manga josei are aimed at female audiences or readers with basic characteristics...

      by cookie 28-06-2023

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        Top 13 Best Manhwa You Should Read When Bored

        The world of Korean manhwa is vast, impressive enough like Japanese manga. They attract readers...

        by cookie 15-06-2023

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          Top 10 best boylove light novels with a cute light plot you should not miss

          Light novels are typical in Japanese literature, aimed at young readers. Unlike novels, light...

          by cookie 14-06-2023

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            Top 12 Talented US-UK Artists Who Received Little Attention

            In addition to the golden faces in the US-UK village such as Taylor Swift, Ariana Grande, Olivia...

            by cookie 29-05-2023