Criteria for evaluating article royalties on Top Share

Title and subject (tag)

  • The title must be accurate, stating the overarching content of the article.
  • A catchy, engaging, and appealing title from your readers is important to the value of your post. (You should name the article in the easiest way). Note that a title under 80 characters is best and should contain keywords (the topic you want to write).
  • Business names or URLs are not allowed
  • Do not insert unnecessary characters in the title
  • Do not insert phone number information in the header
  • Tag must comply with the regulations of The more professional the tag is, the easier the article is to find on google tools and is of course appreciated.
  • The tag (topic) set how to target the user's search will be a great thing. Think of your readers before naming and tagging your posts for the most benefit

Short description

  • Minimum 300 characters and must have keywords that match the title in the short description.
  • The description content does not overlap with other pages.
  • The Meta Description content will appear in Google search results. You should write how to attract users, help increase visits to the article.



  • Minimum 500 words for approval. Articles with between over 1,000 and 2,500 words will be an advantage for higher article value.
  • Write in the first person, in your own voice, your opinion to be more convincing.
  • Information is accurate, truthful, attractive and useful to the community. The more useful it is, the more it gets approved with high value.
  • Articles, when checking false and inaccurate information, will be deducted royalties depending on the degree of influence of such articles on the community.
  • The introduction and conclusion do not record the number of top (eg: Do not write: the following is the top 5 ... but should write as the top ...). Because the top number can be updated and added.
  • Not allowed to post links to other sites
  • The article cannot be copied from other websites, if the same is 70% and there is an incident from the poster, the message will be deleted and all royalties will be deducted.


Photos and Videos

  • Beautiful, sharp, attractive avatar. according to the 800Px regulations and must not be less than 600px.
  • The image is part of the content too, and it should be optimized on the article. Google can not read the image file content, but only read the text content of the article.
  • For images, you need to put keywords in the section: Image file name.
  • Videos taken on youtube should be of good quality, and should not have errors when viewed on the article.
  • Every topic in the article needs illustrative photos / videos. Ideally, each top should have 1 photo + 1video. Full description photo and video notes.



  • Clearly presented, images corresponding to each top.
  • Each top paragraph has long paragraphs and should have a blank line to create a cool post.
  • Parts of the address, price ... should be separated and bold for readers to find information faster.


Creativity of the article

  • accepts articles with a copy rate of <30%
  • Articles with a copy rate> 30% will not be approved
  • Articles with a copy rate of 30%


Interaction of articles

  • Posts after being approved, the author can share on personal facebook, related facebook groups.
  • The author needs to share that article to the community for at least 1 like / share for the article to be approved for royalties.


Complete the editing request

  • When you publish an article and get notified by the admin for the first time editing and correcting it as required, there will be no effect. (no more than 3 times to edit it)
  • However, if the request for editing cannot be overcome by the author, it will depend on the degree to evaluate and deduct the royalties of that article.

Royalties come from sharing any article on Topshare

  • In addition to the royalties for each of your articles (if you are the author of Top share), you can also get additional revenue from sharing any article on
  • How to Make Money From Top Share - Share Facebook


Time to review royalties

  • The royalties for articles will be automatically updated by the system
  • Articles are approved and posted on within 24 hours.
  • The authors pay attention to share the article on facebook right after the article is approved for posting to receive the highest royalties.
  • Bonuses will be updated automatically when the article is approved.
  • Criteria for evaluating article royalties on topshare


Number of top

  • Currently, Topshare's regulation is that articles that need over the top 5 will be approved.
  • However, because of that, the articles on the home page are only top 5 and top 6, which significantly reduces the quality of the article. From that fact, Topshare decided that articles with the number of top> = 10 can be priced> 20,000 VND. Except for articles that cannot be written to the top 10, they will be considered by admins.
  • Note: Articles below the top 10 can still be approved with prices> 20,000 VND if the content cannot be written to the top 10 and of good quality.


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