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    Top 10 Korean movies in 2022 starring extremely handsome and talented male KPOP idols

    Surely you absolutely love Korean male KPOP idols, because they not only have a strong appeal to...

    by cookie 14-12-2023

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      Top 6 Good Korean Movies You Must See

      Summer comes, in addition to resting with friends and relatives with fun, happy trips filled with...

      by cookie 11-12-2023

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        Top 20 Japanese love movies that make viewers move and admire the most

        In the history of Japanese cinema, there are many romantic love films that have left their mark...

        by cookie 27-11-2023

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          Top 11 best school series from Netflix

          Returning to AMANDA today will be a completely new topic, suitable for young people in their...

          by cookie 27-11-2023

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            Top 10 most attractive movies of 2003 you should not miss

            2003 was a year that saw many good movies appear on the big screen and make a strong impression...

            by cookie 24-11-2023