Instructions for writing articles on Top Share

Here are the steps to write articles on Topshare


Step 1: Sign in to your account on Topshare.


  • At the Topshare home page, click on the icon to login





Note: You need to tick "I am not a robot" before login.


  • If you still do not have an account on Topshare, please select "Register" to create a new account.




  • You can sign up in several ways: Email, Facebook or Google.
  • Or make sure you fill in the details when signing up for the account.


Step 2: Write articles on Topshare.


  • Select "Post" to start creating a new post.



  • Before creating a new post you should take the time to read through Topshare's Rules to make sure that the topic you are about to write will not violate our rules.
  • Enter a post title and check if the post already exists on Top Share or not. Note should implement this feature before writing articles so that you put in effort without being approved.





1. Choose the type of article.

You need to choose the writing format to decide what status your track will look in after the post has been reviewed.



2. Enter the title and general description of the article.


  • You enter the general title and description to ensure Topshare royalties assessment criteria.
  • See the criteria for rating title and general description of the article here.




Enter tags and choose topics that match the content of your articles to guide the article to the search of the reader most accurately.


3. Enter each topic one by one in your post content.

See the article content evaluation criteria here.

  • Enter a subject name.
  • Enter the content corresponding to the topic.
  • Insert illustrations for the topic
  • Enter a description for the image: The photo description should contain keywords and state the image source.
  • Enter youtube link, enter youtube description, enter source link (if any).
  • See regulations for importing photo descriptions here.

During the writing process you can change positions between topics or delete topics that are no longer relevant.



In addition, you can choose to hold the mouse on any topic and drag and drop it to the position you want to change.



Note: Topic order in posts is not of a ranking nature.


Step 3: Write the conclusion of the article


  • To complete the article you need to write the conclusion of the article.



Step 4: Submit the article and wait for approval.


  • After completing all the topics and content you need to "Submit article" to the Topshare admin and wait for approval.
  • See the time for royalties review here.



If you have not completed the topics or you are unsure about the appeal of the article, you can choose "Save Draft" to complete the article more completely before "Submit the article".