Top 12 best Thai romantic movies in early 2023

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by cookie 21-05-2023

The best Thai romance movies of early 2023 in this article will definitely make you fall into the love hole but also the Thai movie hole. Not only Korea, China has impressive cult films. Thai cinema is also very attractive with many good movies and is loved by many viewers because of the attractive content, the acting and the way the plot is led has a very Thai characteristic, very attractive and attractive. Not only sweet, thrilling, unexpected but also funny to make viewers have real entertainment moments. Let's see at the beginning of 2023 Thai movies with outstanding romance films!


Sapai Sai Strong


by cookie 21-05-2023

Best Thai melodrama of early 2023- The Mischievous Bride. Image source:

  • Genre: Psychological drama, comedy, comedy

    Director: Aun Kornpoj Suebchompoo

    Writer: Sutisa Wongyu

    Cast: Nawasch Phupantachsee, Nychaa Nuttanicha, Noi Busakorn, Pitchapa Phanthumchinda, Paswitch Boorananut, Thagoon Karnthip, Lorena Schuett, Chartayodom Hiranyatithi, Amarin Nitibhon

    Episodes: 17 episodes

    Duration: 70 minutes/episode

    Premiere: January 23, 2023

    Srikanda was a beautiful girl that her father was very proud of. She falls in love with Nopphanai and despite her father's objections, they decide to run away. One day, her sister Phawinee runs into Srikanda and notices she looks thin and moody. She eventually becomes ill and dies.

    Phawinee was furious after learning that his sister had been bullied by his mother-in-law and sister-in-law and decided to sign a marriage license with Nopphanai with a "no touch" agreement to take care of his nephew. Later, Phawinee moved to where her sister lived and started quarrelling with his mother and sister. She doesn't give in to them like her sister, and so her revenge begins.


You Touched My Heart


by cookie 21-05-2023

Best Thai melodrama of early 2023- You Touched My Heart. Photo credit: Yoursay -

You Touched My Heart - Trailer

  • Genre: Romantic drama

    Director: Director: Pin Kriengkraisakul

    Cast: Patricia Tanchanok Good,Push Puttichai Kasetsin,Bright Rapheephong Thapsuwan,Pearwah Nichaphat,Ball Jitpanu Klomkaew

    Episodes: 18 episodes

    Duration: 70 minutes/episode

    Premiere: January 20, 2023

    Anyamanee is a beautiful girl who grew up in a family that respected men and women. This makes her proud of her own success because she had to go through a lot of hardships and efforts. She meets Kueakhun, a man who warms her body and heart, ready to give her warm light. But the love of 2 people is not so easy. When the two families' business problems get into trouble, including the death of her brother Anyamanee, Kueakhun becomes her first suspect because his past relationship with her sister-in-law has long since come back. Will Anyamanee be able to put aside the past to trust Kueakhun, or is he really the culprit who harmed her brother?


Hak Lai, My Lady


by cookie 21-05-2023

Best Thai melodramas of early 2023- Hak Lai, My Lady. Image source: MyDramaList

Hak Lai, My Lady - Trailer

  • Genre: Psychological drama, drama

    Director: Tawan Jarujinda

    Writer: want to Taengpasulert , Laneeya

    Cast: Euro Yotsawat, Prapye Ramida, Taentawan Taddeo, Jean Chertinnara, Supaporn Malisorn, Krissada Supphapprom, Samitpong Sakulpongchai, Rinyarat Watchararojsiri, Wit Phutharit Promban

    Episodes: 17 episodes

    Duration: 75 minutes/episode

    Premiere: January 15, 2023

    Hak Lai, My Lady revolves around Lalin stealing the keys to her mother's multibillion-baht safe to escape to enjoy life abroad without knowing Nathaphon, her new stepfather, is planning to eliminate her. Luckily, she escapes death and gets lost in Pee's Huaen Hak Paeng farm.

The handsome young man stole her kiss on the first night they met. In order to hide and recover the key to the lost safe, Lalin lied to everyone that she was Pee's lover and used the photo when they kissed as proof. It was that outburst of lying that led her into a bad marriage.


Petra Naruemit


by cookie 21-05-2023

Phim tình cảm thái lan hay nhất đầu năm 2023- Petra Naruemit . Nguồn ảnh: Phim Chiếu Rạp

Petra Naruemit - Trailer

  • Genre: Psychological drama, drama

    Director: Chajchavan Saswatgloon

    Writer: Nattaphol Ketboonchoo

    Cast: Mook Mookda, Michael Pattaradet, Maggi Apa Bhavilai, Bom Phongsakon, Mameaw Pornchad, Pol Poonpat Attapan

    Episodes: 19 episodes

    Duration: 75 minutes/episode

    Premiere: March 18, 2023

    Petra Naruemit tells the story of Khmeron Aphiraktharakon or Cream, a young woman who loves boats. She is the daughter of Khunying Napa, and has just returned from overseas. Thosaphon, son of Khunying Risa, her mother's best friend, secretly loves the Khmer. He volunteered to take her to see the royal sailing fair.

    And that day, a strange incident happened at the royal sailing fair. When Risa meets an old man, he sends her a wooden boat. It's a miniature four-cylinder sedan that looks beautiful. He handed it to her and said the ship was hers. From here, open up fascinating and engaging stories.


Pror Ruk


by cookie 21-05-2023

Best Thai Romance Film of Early 2023 – Pror Ruk. Photo credit:

Pror Ruk - Trailer

  • Genre: Action, Romance, Drama

    Director: Songsak Mongkolthong

    Writer: Pranpramoon

    Starring: James Ma, Pie Rinrada, Judo Tantachj, Toon Pimpawee, Deaw Suriyont...

    Episodes: 18 episodes

    Duration: 85 minutes/episode

    Premiere: January 25, 2023

    No Ring is a girl with a special talent for predicting dangerous futures, so she is chosen as a guardian as well as a bodyguard for Sing Bodin. When he is set to marry Singh, Ring flees out of fear. She now works as a bodyguard for a foreign client. Singh took over the family business when he was just 20 years old. He is strict and intelligent but is always harmed by opponents, so he needs to bring the noo ring back.

  • After Ring returns to Singh's side, she must act as a bodyguard for his rival's daughter, while disguising herself to protect Singh. She does this out of gratitude to his family who raised her. Gradually, their relationship goes from hate to love, but where does this love affair go when Sing Bodin's rival is always waiting to harm him and ready to take over the Noo Ring at any moment?


Overcoming the limit


by cookie 21-05-2023

Best Thai melodramas of early 2023 - Crossing the line. Image source: YouTube

  • Duration: 30 episodes (more than 30 minutes/episode)

    Genre: Romance, Science fiction

    Starring: Lang Sittha Sapanuchart and Nutcha Jeka

    "Beyond the Limit" is a Thai romantic drama with fantasy elements. The film follows the love between Ployrampa, a noble woman, and Pakin, a boy with a hidden soul. When exactly 25 years old, Pakin will transform into half man and half tiger. The two love each other fearlessly, but face hunting from hordes of hunters. Will they overcome challenges to achieve complete happiness?


Manee Phayabat


by cookie 21-05-2023

Best Thai melodrama of early 2023- Manee Phayabat. Image source:

  • Genre: Romance, Drama, Mystery, Supernatural

    Director: Bunjong Sinthanamongkolkul

    Cast: New Thitipoom, Bua Nalinthip, Ben Raviyanun, Chopin Noochintra, Fon Sananthachat...

    Episodes: 15 episodes

    Duration: 70 minutes/episode

    Premiere: January 24, 2023

    Manee Phayabat tells the story that Manee Morana is a cursed jewel attached to a bone demon. The ring possesses great power that can cause its wearer to commit evil deeds. Its latest target is Phakakaew, a kind innocent woman who is being protected by Khamron.

    The film revolves around the love triangle of the three characters Mookda, Pailin and Pruek. The plot of the film is attractive and attracts viewers. 


Midnight Museum


by cookie 21-05-2023

Best Thai melodrama of early 2023- Midnight Museum. Image source: Phim Chiếu Rạp

  • Genre: Mystery, Horror, Fantasy, Supernatural

    Director: Noom Attaporn Teemarkorn

    Writer: Game Kirati Kumsat, Chalermpong Udomsilp, Folk Sornpanath Patpho, Three Supawith Utama, Tatum Thanaphan Tangsittiprasert

    Cast: Tor Thanapob, Gun Atthaphan, Saiparn Apinya, Foei Patara, Namtan Tipnaree, Ployphach Phatchatorn

    Episodes: 10 episodes

    Duration: 45 minutes/episode

    Premiere: March 6, 2023

    Dome, a barista at a soon-to-close café, receives an unexpected job offer from Khatha, a strange customer who orders coffee but never drinks. The job is at a quirky museum that only opens after sunset.

On the first day of the Dome, an employee tells him that the museum is haunted. Forbidden by the supervisor to enter Area 16, Dome sneaked in out of curiosity. Although Khatha tried to stop the damage, the Dome accidentally awakened something very dangerous. In a short time, nearly everything inside Ward 16 disappeared. Dome must take responsibility and try to track down the missing things to bring them back to the museum.


Fai Luang (2023)


by cookie 21-05-2023

Best Thai melodrama of early 2023- Fai Luang . Image source: Cinema Movie

Trailer Fai Luang

  • Director: Oh Kathadeb

    Writer: Jeep Teerapat Thanudsornsarn

    Cast: Son Yuke Songpaisan, Pim Pimprapa, Bee Namthip, Aon Sarawut, Duu Sanya, Ple Jarunee, Kratip Chawallakorn, Fluke Jira, Ploy Pattrakorn

    Episodes: 24 Episodes

    Duration: 45 minutes/episode

    Premiere: February 11, 2023

    Ponwalai, Yodthian's older sister, is Prakob's mistress. Prakob is a delirium, he spends all his money and himself on Ponwalai, but she has another man. When Prakob found out, he died of a heart attack and left a lot of his fortune to Ponwalai. This made his son Noppharuj extremely angry with both her and her sister Yodthian. Noppharuj chases them for revenge, and Yodthian lets him do whatever he wants because she feels guilty for her sister's actions.


Soi Nakhee


by cookie 21-05-2023

Phim tình cảm thái lan hay nhất đầu năm 2023 - Soi Nakhee. Nguồn ảnh:

Trailer - Soi Nakhee

  • Genre: Mystery, Romance, Fantasy

    Director: Theerasak Promngern

    Cast: Now Tisanart Sornsuek,Cartoon Natcha Boonpong,Blew Worrapon Jintakoson,Kat Katreeya English,Dom Haetrakul,Nat Arnus Rapanich,Nook Suttida Kasemsant Na

    Episodes: 10 episodes

    Duration: 80 minutes/episode

    Premiere: February 23, 2023

    Angkab, the daughter of a jewelry tycoon, falls in love with Jed but decides to marry a distant cousin, Ganda. Angkab ruins Jed's wedding by releasing snakes into the ceremony.

    On the way home, Angkab has an accident and her spirit has arrived where the serpent goddess Nakhee lives. Nakhee decides to possess Angkab's body because she has the same past as herself, betrayed by love. Nakhee's mission is to wreak havoc on the human world in the name of vengeance. When vengeance rules hearts, Nakhee searches for weapons to use to destroy his enemies. 


Royal Doctor


by cookie 21-05-2023

Best Thai melodrama of early 2023- Royal Doctor. Image source:

Trailer - Royal Doctor

  • Genre: Historical film, comedy, romance, fantasy

    Director: Chudapa Chantakett

    Cast: Mario Maurer, Kimberley, Masu Junyangdikul, Lingling Sirilak, Peterpan Tadsapon, Pat Napapa...

    Episodes: 10 episodes

    Duration: 65 minutes/episode

    Premiere: March 21, 2023

    Bua, a medical student from today's 5G era, is mysteriously swept back to the reign of King Rama III – the golden era of traditional Thai medicine. Immediately thrown into an alien world, where she finds allies and rivals,  Her modern ways of healing inevitably clashed with old traditions.

    The Royal Doctor – Mor Luang is related to the Trick Healer, but this is not the second part of this 2019 stormy drama. According to producer Kong Piya, the Royal Physician took place before the events of The Trick Healer. The film will focus on traditional Thai medicine.


Cooking Crush Series


by cookie 21-05-2023

Best Thai melodrama of early 2023- Cooking Crush Series. Image source: MyDramaList

Cooking Crush อาหารเป็นยังไงครับหมอ | GMMTV 2023

  • Original title: อาหารเป็นยัวไงครับหมอ

    Director: Golf Sakon Wongsinwiset

    Writer: Noolek Sureechay Kaewses

    Genre: Food , Comedy , Romance.

    Cast: Off Jumpol Adulkittiporn, Gun Atthaphan, Mark Pakin Kunaanuwit, Neo Trai Nimtawat

    From "Puppy Honey" to "Theory of Love", "Not Me", and now "Cooking Crush", Off Jumpol and Gun Atthaphan have become a legendary couple of BL Thailand. Prem, Dynamite and Samsi run an obscure restaurant. Losing heavily, the trio learns about a cooking competition with great rewards that could help their business.

    However, preparations go awry, and just as Prem decides to withdraw, he meets Ten, a medical student who is burdened with stress. Ten approaches Prem to teach him to cook, and Prem uses this as a fraudulent opportunity to make money. However, as the lessons continue, not only the food is hot but also their faces as they gradually fall in love with each other.

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